Blackness as a Burden & Blessing

 No people have down through history has experienced so much hated and oppression and have survived..It is the grace of God that we are still here.. It is because God has a kingdom purpose for us individually and as a people. Read the story of Simon of Cyrene found in Mark 15:21..An African who carried the cross of Jesus...Jesus experienced and identifies with the experience of oppression and hatred..the experience of being Black . This day we affirm that their is a burden being black.[ we won't run from our history]. but we as a people have transformed that burden into a blessing..We were their through Simon carrying the cross for the savior that He might die for the sins of the world...We are part of the redemption of the world.. we are part of that story of God so loved the world that he gave....Everytime we boldly declare God made us in his image ..everytime we endure hatred and racism and not let it define us...We are transforming that burden of Blackness to a Blessing of Blackness. This week as we close out Black History Month, but never Black History.. May you take charge of our narrative and write our story everyday being proud of who God made you to be...


Because the tomb is empty!


Rev Dr J Anthony Lloyd