From the Corner of Franklin & Park Streets...

Corner of Franklin & Park Streets. Downtown Framingham. GFCC in the background

Read a post this week.. It was of a "Peanuts" cartoon that summed up the week when it read: "The most wonderful place to be in the world are: In some one's thoughts. Some one's prayers. And some one's heart."

This has been the week of practicing "listening" to folk and trying to really hear their "stories". Sometimes I feel as if this "art" or "ministry" has been lost along the way. We all know, and I count myself in this crowd that there is so much pain in our world, our community and even in our personal lives. This week I sought not to solve, but to listen and every now and then give some small nuggets of wisdom through my many encounters. Our ministry is really about listening and, through that, empowering others to "grab" back some sense of control in their life. Far more rest on them than it does on what we do or say...We want individuals to know that they are in our thoughts, prayers, and hearts......This can and does make a difference! I have wanted all week to ensure that those I have had the privilege to minister to leave those moments of contact more empowered and less handicapped than before we spent time together...Be encouraged!

The Pastor in the Community!
Rev. Dr. J. Anthony Lloyd