When the Faithful Fail You

In the gospel of Mark  chapter 9 we have the story of the failure of the disciples to heal the father's son. We commend the father for seeking help, being big enough to ask for help and even requesting it from the very ones who should have been able to heal. They after all had been with Jesus  seem him do healing, even sent out by twos to do it. All this made for a crushing experience  for both father and son. This father's day I would encourage you and especially men to not fear asking for help. I would also remind all of us that their will be times when the "faithful" fail us. The good news of the text and for our lives is that Jesus did heal the boy, and God has all power to bring healing into our lives. God will not  fail you when you call on him. The weight of glory and the power of heaven is in his hands.  God never fails!

Because the tomb is empty!

 Rev Dr J Anthony Lloyd