Toxic Testimony

We need folk in our lives we speak truth to us, go on their knees in prayer for us,come along side us in our walk to encourage us. Folk who will call us out if need be, but also build us up.Too many of us have folk speaking into our ears and life who bring a toxic word of discouragement. They are so critical of everything we do,say or try. The first words out of their mouth is to tall us we can't do it, we can't make it...what we do or say is always suspect in their eyes. They speak death not life to our dreams. They fail at the very basis of being a member of the body of Christ. Truth be told we don't really need more of these in our lives, but less. They really have unresolved issues, hurts ,pains in their life that God has not healed them from. They can't be happy for you because they are not happy. In exodus chapter 34 Moses had to deal with his pwn issues before he could be an intercessor for the people before God when they sinned.This week claim your freedom and discard toxic testimonies in your life. Paul says build each other up in love...


Because the tomb is empty!


Rev Dr J Anthony Lloyd