So You think You are Safe in the House of The Lord!

I Mark chapter  11, verse 15-19 Jesus went into the temple and over turned the tables and chairs and stopped all movement in the house of the Lord. What mad Jesus so angry that he turned the place out.Well you must read Jeremiah chapter 7.. the very verses Jesus quotes in Mark chapter 11 and God  was mad because folk were ignoring him and sinning all week, and then coming to church under the pretense of worship but were really hiding out. Jesus teaches that his house is to be a house of prayer.. Prayer changes things and people. When we really worship.. we change because you can't really come into the presence of God and not be changed. Don't leave church the same way you came in..Let God teach you something in church so you can live right before him Monday through Saturday... Now here you thought it was safe to come to church.. God is waiting there to receive your worship and change you,,,


Because the tomb is empty!


Rev Dr J Anthony Lloyd