Perfected in the Process!

In Genesis chapter 42, the brothers stand before Joseph and they did not know who he was him. Joseph was a different Joseph than who he was 20 years earlier when they sold him into slavery. God had changed him over the years, so that he was transformed by God. He had God's favor on his life so that every point along the way God elevated him. He went to the head of Egypt , second in command after having been a slave. God will transform you that you will reach your destiny ..Stay in the struggle, don't give up, don't give in.. God will honor your faithfulness to what is right. Don't give hate or haters a pass or time of day......There are somethings for which God has spoke over your life that can not be disrupted by the enemy..You are being perfected...transformed in the battle  

Because the tomb is empty!

 Rev Dr J Anthony Lloyd