Trouble makers in the House

In 1 Kings chapter 18 it was the prophet Elijah who called the people to choose sides. When he did that after being called a trouble maker by the king, it says in verse 21 the people did nor speak up. In these times you must know who you are [ your identity] and whose you are [ In Christ Jesus who made you] It is then that you can become who God wants you to become [ Your destiny] So what if you speak truth to power and they call you a trouble maker  Be a trouble maker for what is right, what is truth, what God is about. You are on Kingdom is not about a title holder, it is about being a trouble maker Don't be silent to injustice and sin in this world.  Martin Luther King jr said: The moral  arc of the universe is long but it bends toward justice"..This week be a trouble maker for the Lord who stands for justice...

Because the tomb is empty!

 Rev Dr J Anthony Lloyd