Celebrating ADVENT Together as a Congregation

Day ONE !  December 1st We start off with the introduction of of the author, Luke and launches into the Birth of John the Baptist,The Birth of Christ foretold , Mary's visit to Elizabeth, Mary's Song, The Birth of John the Baptist, and closes with Zechariah's song. What great scripture, great truth, great promise found in this Holy Book of scripture. One comes out of reading Luke chapter one filled with anticipation  of what is to come.One can't help to get excited about the birth of Christ. Reading Luke chapter one and all of Luke will give us the reason for the season.Why not take this journey with the members of GFCC and each day read a chapter.The angel appears in the temple on the right side of the altar and tells Zechariah " Don't Be Afraid" You and Elizabeth will have a son..call him John!Next the angel, Gabriel appears in Nazareth to a virgin named Mary " Don't be afraid you will have a son..for you are highly favored by God! Give him the name Jesus!.With that Good news Mary visits her cousin Elizabeth and both break out in a song of their own. Praise is in the house, John the Baptist is born and daddy Zechariah get's his PRAISE on!  Don't know about you but I can't wait to take this journey through the book of Luke together with my church family!


Because the tomb and cradle is empty!


Rev Dr J Anthony Lloyd