Martin Luther King Jr and His Faith

He was an intelligent man, well read, learned on a vast array of subjects. He was a passionate man that took seriously his call and mission..even so to give up his life.One can draw from another's life a lot of conclusions as to what is or was behind a person..that's alright, but one was talk with that person and look deeply at their writings, and hear them from their soul. As with others, so it was with Dr King..He drew from many sources for inspiration, but none as consistently and deeply as his faith. He was grounded in his Christ Faith, the teachings of the Bible, he was as we say.." A son of the church". It was his faith that launched him into the battle and received him at his journey end. To miss his love for Christ and desire to be the servant of his Lord is to miss what Dr King was all about. If one is going to tell the story...then tell the true and whole story..If one is to be inspired by his life, then be inspired by who inspired him. If one is to continue the struggle than do so from the basis of truth about him and what he spoke of. Happy Martin Luther King jr Day!  Keep the faith in the center of the struggle!


Because the tomb is empty!

Rev Dr J Anthony lloyd