He Is My Keeper

Tn Psalm 121 we have the promise of God that he is our Keeper! In all that life throws at us..Remember that we have a God who is our helper, our Keeper. He has 24 hour security over us. He has promised to be a protector, shield, and our stay. We are called to stand on the WORD of God..Trust him and not our own understanding..To lean on him in good times and bad. This week I call you to Isaiah 26:3 "..God will keep You in perfect peace who's mind is stayed on him, and who trust him". This week don't operate out of fear, but look at the facts that the Health department is providing and make safe decisions both for your self and others. Stand on the promises of God that are found in his word. God hears our prayers.. spend time in daily prayer..use the time to medicate on his word ..If you are in need reach allowing us to be thee for you....Now is the time to trust God if you have never done it before. I remind myself that God is Still on the Throne... Be at peace .. God is your Keeper!

Because the tomb is empty!

Rev Dr J Anthony Lloyd