Ministry at The Crossroads of Franklin & Park Street

The Corner of Franklin Street and Park Street ...Ministry in Downtown Framingham.....What a week this has been.. From looking into the faces of those who lined up in the cold, sleet and rain on Tuesday and Wednesday to receive Thanksgiving baskets of food. To Tuesday night at the Framingham Inter Faith service of Thanksgiving..Different slices of Framingham life. From those who had nothing, very little, stretch what they have to those who live from one pay check to the next, or are more than making ends meet. From those who received baskets at Greater Framingham Community Church at the start of the week to those who served in the pantry and cafe' to ensure that the food insecurity is addressed at least for one meal.....The cry from Corner of 44 Franklin Street and Park Street was the same on every one's lips... THANK You!....This is what ministry is all about.. meeting people where they are at....speaking into their lives and encouraging them to regain some humanity in a cold disappointing world!

For the love of Christ the church [Greater Framingham Community Church] must never stop serving Christ, the community...

Ministry at the crossroads!
Rev. Dr. J. Anthony Lloyd!