When Love Comes Incognito

In this second week of Advent we gather around our tables  or at our places of worship and pause to reflect and light the candle of  "LOVE".  As each week moves along and each candle is lit ..Light pushes darkness further and further away.  In our lives we have so much cramed in our lives, and not all of it is healty. Sickness, drama, depression, loneliness, trials, hurts, disappointments, pain, loss of vision, inability to think or dream. This list of "darkness" could go on and on. But as we move along in Advent, It is him who came incognito..Jesus Christ came as LOVE that pushes out the crappy stuff of the journey. Some were expecting God to come down. Others did not recognize his coming. Still others even today refuse to see him as Lord and Savior of all human kind.

This week, as we get more light in our lives and the situations we confront, take a moment and breath in His LOVE that came down 42 generations just for you. You are loved by a God who so loved the world that He sent his son into the world because he loved you. No greater love than that He gave his life for you. It is from the cradle to the cross that screems GOD LOVE YOU!

Because the tomb is empty! and the cradle!
Rev. Dr. J. Anthony Lloyd