You can go to Bethlehem!

Bethlehem is that place where God becomes real to you and in your situation. It is the place where God does more than you ever could have expected. he shows up and demostrates that he is God all by himself. Whether you come to Bethlehem[ God] as the shepherds who were at the lowest on the social order, or the Angels who are the  highest of the created order, or some where in between as Herod or the wise men.. Go to Bethlehem, meet the God who is waiting to  demostrate his love and power in your life. This is what Christmas is all about.. God coming dopwn in the flesh..Immanuel to be with us. You get to decide if you will have a Merry Christmas this year.. Go to Bethlehem, go and meet God.. It is the place where God becomes REAL in your life!


Because the tomb and the cradle are empty!


Rev Dr J Anthony Lloyd