from the Corner of Franklin & Park streets

They had gathered at the church as they do every year at this time to enjoy a Christmas lunch, receive some small gift [ this year a sweatshirt] but mostly to come in from the cold, and fellowship  around the table with others like themselves just trying to make it.Some were new faces this year, others were familiar faces from last year and beyound.Those in our community for whom too many  would rather pretend they don't exist or some how deserve  to be in their predicament.. [ it's their own fault]. But once again I saw more in their faces, I heard more from their conversations around the table...I saw those who are a part of OUR community..those in their own limited way who  do contribute to our community.. I saw in them what I believe the Angels did in Bethlehem on that first Christmas.. I saw those whom God loved so much that he would come down in the flesh and be with us. I saw yes!... those in leadership in our community serving them meals, but I saw those for  whom God came into this world for..I saw God in the faces of those who cramped into the basement, gathered around tables, singing  Christmas music together, who were thankful for the Christmas gifts [not much, but because someone thought enough of them to give  it to them.. I saw why those Angels shouted " Glory to God in the highest"..These days, with so much chaos going on around us and in our lives I would wish for you to really pause long enough to really see Christmas .If you do ...You will find God in the most unexpected places.  Merry Christmas!


Rev Dr J Anthony Lloyd