Living Below the Water Line

I always like the stories of folk who have Great Faith! I have always sought to have great faith.. I much like you want to be counted in that number.. What I have come to know and experience in these last weeks is that what I want and need is a faith that  is helped by God a God who knows that my faith is inadequate and comes up short. As a Christian I bring something [ faith] to the table of every situation, drama, crisis..But most of the time what I bring is not enough...No I don't have great faith.. sorry to be honest. But I can tell you about a faith that comes up short, when I am below the water line, when I am drowning and THEN GOD reaching out and makes up the difference of faith in my life. Read the account of Peter walking on the water.. If you can relate to his " Great Faith" to get out of the boat, walk on the water.. then all is good But I am " Peter" .. yes that Peter who goes under.. That is where I live everyday and Thanks be God that God is right there in the water giving me a helping hand making up for the shortage of faith that I have...


Because the tomb is empty!

Rev Dr J Anthony Lloyd