An Extended stay in Misery

In Isaiah chapter 40 God tells the prophet to go to mt people and verse one says: comfort my people. He will go on to tell them to stop tripping over evil doers. Don't worry about haters, don't stress out about trials..I have this!. We are to be at ease ..Look to him for his showing up..That all haters [ human beings] will pass away as the grass. But His WORD stands forever.. He will share his glory! in other words he will come into your situation and "throw his weight around" and can't nothing stand before God.This week.. remember what God has done in the past.. He will do it again.God does not play musical chairs with anybody. He is still on the throne. His promise is for all of us , no matter where we are in this journey of life. If we are young we will soar like eagles.. middle age we will run and not get weary and if we are a seasoned saint we will walk and not faint Read chapter 40 and get your shout on by the time you get to verse 31!


Because the tomb is empty!

Rev Dr J Anthony Lloyd