Do Not Panic

This statement  is either the statement of a mad person or of a Being who has power to put something  into a person and keep  them free from panic even in the midst of the awful times we live in. The basis of panic is always that of cowardice. Just think this weekend of all those who served our country down through the years in the military. We honor their service and sacrifice  they did so with courage not cowardice. They did not panic under  great odds. We too must do the same today...Our Lord teaches us to look things  full in the face. He says---" When  you hear of wars, don't be scared." Wars come both external and internal.outside of our country and inside our country..they come in our lives on all levels. Many of us are over comers of the wars of life. It is the most natural thing in the world to be scared , and the clearest evidence that God's grace is at work in our hearts is when we do not get into a panics. This Memorial weekend  Our Lord insists on the  inevitableness of peril. He says "You must lay your account with trials " before the Lord He will take care of you. Happy Memorial Day!


Because the tomb is empty!


Rev Dr J Anthony Lloyd