A Wounded Worshiper

So much of today 's talk is about how many people don't go to church anymore for all sorts of reasons. Their may be truth in this for the american church, but it is not true for the church of Jesus Christ around the world. Everybody is wounded today , some by life issues others even by the church...but we have become so addicted to that song", that we fail to understand that worship is not about you, it is about God. It is time to get our focus correct and understand Praise must be on my lips and worship with other believers is essential to our own health. We All are wounded, but we All must still be worshipers..  God expects it of us all.. Genesis chapter 32 :22 -31 tells the story of Jacob being wounded , but he still worshiped  .. Me must do the same...

Because the tomb is empty!


 Rev Dr J Anthony Lloyd