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Fire side chat!

Fire Side Chat!

Submitted by Pastor on 31 March 2023

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Sermon Title: “The Stones Can't Have My Praise”


Scripture: Luke 19:28-40



1.     What has Christ done for you for which You just have to give Him Praise?


2.     What is it that holds back your Praise?


3.     How do you plan to observe Holy week that captures the highs & lows of this week?


4.     If the Lord needed a donkey for his ride into Jerusalem, What does he need from you this week?


5.     It is said: "It is between the parades that we don't do so well" Why do we have a hard time with giving God praise between one Sunday and the next? We forget our Hosannas!


6.     How do you plan to make sure the stones don't steal your praise this week?


7.     What did the arrival of Jesus in Jerusalem on Palm Sunday bring?


8.     Have you felt God's pleasure in your life?


How are you going to make sure the Stones don't steal your Praise