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fathers friends  celebration of Fathers on Father's Day!

Fireside Chat with the Pastor in Father's Day

Submitted by Pastor on 18 June 2022

Title: Father Abraham: God's Friend


 Text: James 2:23


1. Why was father Abraham called a friend of God?


2. What does it mean to be called a friend of God?


3.Can you say if you are a father: I am a friend of God?


4.If your father is a friend of God : What does that look like?


5.Why is it not just being of the same  biological blood that makes one a father?


6.What does it mean to have a father who accepts you ?


7.Is your father your good friend? What does that look like in your life?


8.Does your father have a solid relationship with God? What does it mean to you?


9.How does a father get and keep the correct priorities? 


10.Do you as a father talk to God ? Do you know how to pray? Come before his throne of grace?


11.Have you disagreed with God but not be disagreeable? 


12.What does it mean to be obedient to God as a father?


13.Do you know the tension of sacrificing for your family and being obedient to God?


13 Are you a friend of god? Why is this the highest compliment one can say of your fatherhood?