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Fireside Chat

Fireside Chat with the Pastor

Submitted by Pastor on 28 May 2022

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Title: " Telling God where It Hurts"


Text ; Mark 5: 25-35



1.Have you  told God where it hurts?


2.What difference does it mean to you when you tell God when it hurts?


3.What does it do for your faith that" in the economy of God it does not matter who you are, but instead your pain\hurt is what God responds to?


4.Can you attest in your life to the fact: Daring faith does get God's attention?

 " by any means necessary "  mean to you as a Christian?


6.How do you respond: Faith that presses its way will find the miracle of God in unexpected places ? 


7.There is a  whole lot of bleeding going on in our society. What do you believe God can do about it? What can you do about it with God's strength? 


8.The woman in our text was bleeding, but society isolated her. Does this still happen today with all the carnage of racism and hatred? 


9.If we don't name it, we can't really bring healing to it..How did Jesus name it?


10.Have you touched the hem of God's garment for yourself or those hurting, bleeding? Why not? 


11.What does it mean to "Get in the flow of the crowd" when it comes to the suffering in this world ? What if not everyone in the crowd is on the same page in the approach to ending the violence?


12. What do you do with the feeling of helplessness and frustration?


13.What would "being made well " look like for you and our society ?


14. We may not see what God is doing in our situation right now, but have you heard what he has done in the past and for others?


15.Have you seen the places where god has shown up?


16. Can you add to the top of your prayer list: A miracle from God for our  society?