The Ten Commandments are Still binding on ALL..even Christians

That more is the moral law of the universe.We understand it from God's word. The moral law is not subject to governments, leaders, political parties or time [ history].God is the one who declares something is right or wrong.we have the Ten Commandments which are an outward expression of our covenant [relationship] with God. If we desire things to work out in our lives and in our world according to God's desire [ Do I believe God knows best], then we are required to keep his commandments.No matter where we are or when we live. right and wrong does not change. Now if you don't believe are choose not to obey and live by God's standard then you are rejecting God. The reason we have universal laws or standards of right and wrong is to control interpersonal relationships,maintain community life and to ensure justice. when right and wrong is up to who is speaking, who is in power at the time, then our way of life is headed to destruction and chaos.This day, choose God and his universal set of laws\standards or choose chaos and destruction in your life, family, nation, and society of human kind. Read again Exodus chapter 20.. God made his commandments very clear, read the words of Jesus in Matthew 22:37-40    There is a universal right and wrong and it does not change!

Because the tomb is empty!

Rev Dr J Anthony Lloyd