Unfinished Business

To really live with Kingdom Purpose and on Kingdom Assignment and have Kingdom Praise we must go back and kill completely that which we have left undone, half dead. This can be painful dealing with hurts, experiences or even people.. but it must be done to realize  the Glory of God in our life. What is holding you back from living with Kingdom purpose?  David, in 2 Samuel chapter 8 had reach a period of peace and calm in his life, but God had him go back and completely wipe out his enemies. he had not done the job right the first time.Thank God that we  can and do have a second opportunity to get it right and deal correctly with those lingering issues of our life. This week deal with that baggage , how ever painful it is so you can move on in your anointing and live with Kingdom purpose and praise.


Because the tomb is empty!

Rev Dr J Anthony lloyd