Order of Worship, Sunday January 9, 2022 10:00 AM

Memorial Sunday Worship


January 9, 2022 Image removed.10:00 A.M




Franklin and Park Streets, PO Box 629

Framingham, MA 01704

Rev. Dr. J. Anthony Lloyd, Pastor



Church Office (508) 626-2118 w Fax (508) 626-0506

Internet: www.gfccnet.org

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Greater Framingham Community Church



Memorial Sunday Worship


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January 9, 2022.Worship Service.10:00 A.M.



Prelude.Minister of Music & Worship Team


We Worship Through Praise.David Coleman


Praise Choruses.Worship Team

We Sing Praises

I'm Glad To Be In the Service

Praise Him



We Worship Through the Word


Scripture.Revelation 14:1-13.Deacon Tracey Bryant


We Worship Through the Preached Word



Praise Chorus.This Too Shall Pass.Worship Team


Sermon.Rev. Dr. J. Anthony Lloyd


We Worship Through Prayer     

Invitation to Christian Discipleship.Lord Prepare Me To Be a Sanctuary.Worship Team


Remembering those Promoted to Glory.Rev. Dr. J. Anthony Lloyd


Memorial Song.He Knows How Much We Can Bear 


We Worship In Response to Hearing the Word    

Tithes & Offerings


Praise.All Day Long.Worship Team


Benediction.Rev. Dr. J. Anthony Lloyd







We sing praises to our King

for He is the King of kings 

We sing praises to our King  

for He is the King of kings 


Give Him glory for He is the King! 

Give Him glory for He’s the King of kings! 


All hail King Jesus! 

All hail Emmanuel!


 He reigns forever, He reigns forever 

He reigns forever, and ever more!






I'm glad to be in the service

I'm glad to be in the service

I'm glad to be in the service one more time

He didn't have to let me be

He didn't have to set me free

I'm glad to be in the service one more time


One more time, one more time

I'm glad to be in the service one more time









Praise Him, praise Him, praise Him, praise Him
Jesus, blessed savior!  He's worthy to be praised.

From the rising of the sun until the going down of the same
He's worthy.  Jesus is worthy.  He's worthy to be praised

Glory, glory, in all things give Him glory
Jesus, blessed savior!  He's worthy to be praised.

For God is the rock of my salvation
A strong deliverer!  In Him will I always trust.








In the middle of the turbulence surrounding you
These trying times are so hard to endure
In the middle of what seems to be your darkest hour
Hold fast your heart and be assured



This too shall pass
Like every night that's come before it
He'll never give you more than you can bear
This too shall pass
So in this thought you'd be comforted
For it's in His Hands
This too shall pass

The Father knows the tears you cry before they fall
He feels your pain, His heart and yours are one
The Father knows that sorrow's heavy chains are strong
But with His strength, you'll overcome



So set your eyes upon the mountain
And lift your hands up to the sky
And let His arms of love surround you
Let him take you to the other side











Lord prepare me to be a sanctuary 

Pure and holy, tried and true 

With thanksgiving I’ll be a living 

Sanctuary for You 









All day long I've been with Jesus

All day long my lips have uttered praise

All day long my heart, my soul's been lifted in worship
All day long I have been with Him

No way could I ever honor You enough
For all you have done for me
So I will offer up thanksgiving from my heart
And praise continually





~  Thank You ~ 


 I'd like to thank all those who remembered my mother's passing with messages, cards and calls to express their condolences. My family and I greatly appreciate it. Thank you very much. " Linda James



Church Annual Meeting


Sunday, January 23, 2022


2:00pm by Zoom


Reports are due by Sunday, January 16, 2022





MLK Sunday Celebration



Sunday, January 16th @ 10:00



Rev. Dr. J. Anthony Lloyd Preaching





To register virtually for the MLK Breakfast please use this link to register:  https://www.gfccnet.org/mlk.      We need attendees to register for the event  in order for us to email them the link





Topic: MLK Young Adult Zoom mental health session
  Time: Jan 17, 2022 12:00 PM Eastern Time (US and Canada)

  Join Zoom Meeting


  Meeting ID: 828 1283 5624
Dial in: 1 646 876 9923 US
  Meeting ID: 828 1283 5624






Join the GFCC Music Ministry

We are in search of a person to join our music team Organist/Musician/Choir Director Please forward names to David Coleman minister of music or Walter Johnson, Chair of personnel ministry Call 508-626- 2118, or email the office at administrator@gfccnet.org.







Vaccine Clinic – Sunday, January 16th from 12-2pm


LOCATION:  Greater Framingham Community Church













We invite you to join us for Early Morning Prayer with the Pastor,

 at 8 a.m. on Monday Mornings. Here is the Prayer Line Number: 1-605-313-4818   and the Access Code: 702588#




We invite you to join our Wednesday Night Prayer Meeting and Bible Study.  The Prayer Meeting is from 7-7:30pm.  Here is the Prayer Line Number: 1-605-313-4818   and the Access Code: 702588#

Also Join us for Bible Study at 7:30 pm on Zoom!  We will study from the book of Ruth.  Join Zoom Meeting: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/87017785706?pwd=U1g5SVhYMHZhZjM0SHgzY1dvZFFhZz09 



If you would like to be a part of a Morning Prayer group you can do so by dialing in to pray or request prayer. The line opens at 5:30am to 7:15am.  The number to get on the GFCC Thursday Morning Prayer line is 605-313-4818 Extension 702588# 




 New Topic of study is First Corinthians. 


We continue to meet on Thursday evenings for one hour at 7:00 PM. To refresh the platform information, we are using Google Meets and utilizing the phone connection. The video conferencing is available.  The phone information is 956-410-2734   PIN: 320 644 462#.













Right Hand of Fellowship


Sunday, January 30th


Please join us in Welcoming our New Members!








Calling all Children Grades 1-6 and Parents


Join Jr Church by Zoom – Sunday’s @ 1:30pm

(except First Sunday)







50th/30th Anniversary


New Church Theme 2022

"Year of Diamond\Golden Jubilee: Blessed to be a Blessing"


We  celebrate this year the Favor of God on the Greater Framingham Community Church. He has blessed us as a church  to serve Metro West and the world for 50 years. He has also blessed us under the leadership of our pastor , Rev. Dr. J. Anthony Lloyd for the past 30 years.


We want to celebrate this year giving God all the Glory for his Blessings!


Scripture to lay the foundation of our celebration in ministry!


Psalm 68:19,Psalm 33:1,Psalm 34:1,Psalm 105:2,Psalm 100:1, Exodus 15:2,1 Peter 4:11, Genesis 22:8,Psalm 33:12,Revelation 1:3, Revelation 22:14,Matthew 5:8,Acts 20:35,Titus 2:13,Proverbs 29:18, Psalm 84:5, Genesis 12:3,Ezekiel 34:26,Psalm 100:2, Habbakia 3:18,Psalm 146:1,Deuteronomy 32:3, Ephesians 1:12, Hebrews 13:15,James 5:12,1 Chronicles 16:25,Psalm 8:6.




Invitation to Accept Christ in your life

We welcome you as a new member of the Greater Framingham Community Church Family. If you wish to unite with GFCC, please go to the following link: an online form for New Member registrations: https://forms.gle/fWm5eNJbQbwxhmSM6