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Fire side Chat

Fire side Chat

Submitted by Pastor on 20 January 2024

Fire Side Questions

Sermon Title:  The Voice of the "Reject"

Sermon Text:  Genesis 21: 14-21


  1. While she was forced from the comforts of her home, the latter part of verse 14 says "she wandered in the Desert of Beersheba.  Do you see Hagar's faith being put to the test in this verse, if so, why?


  1. Does Hagar's situation stimulate a parallel thought in our own mind to question "where is God" when we face rejection in our own life?


  1. When her provisions had run out, why did Hagar place her son underneath a bush in the desert? 


  1. Would you classify her action as a loss of faith?



  1. Although there is clear indication of Ishmael's abandonment by his family, what does the text say about God's plan for his life?


  1. What was the sign(s) of hopelessness by both Hagar and Ishmael in the text?