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Fire Side Chat

Fire Side Chat

Submitted by Pastor on 26 January 2024





Sermon Title: "On the Other Side In 2024"

Scripture: Mark 4:35-41


Fire Side Questions

Sermon Title:  "On the Other Side In 2024"

Sermon Text:  Mark 4: 35-41


1. How do you know if your faith is Authentic?

2. How do you plan to get to the other side of what you are going                 through?

3. What do storms do to your faith?

4. Have you seen God's grace revealed in the storm?

5. Do you have enough faith to believe that God can grip you in the storm?

6. Can your faith be renewed by God's goodness in the storm?

7. I know you can Praise God on the other side, but can you Praise him in the boat?