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Fire Side Chat

Fire Side Chat

Submitted by Pastor on 8 February 2024

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Sermon Title: “Being Black & In the Story"

Sermon Text:   Mark 15:2




1.Have you felt the Burden of being Black?

2. What are the blessings of being Black?

3.How do we as a people make history?

4.What does Authentic Faith have to do with being oppressed but living a resurrected life?


 5.How does Authentic Faith produce a value system that meets your needs and aspirations?

6.What is the connection between resilience and authentic faith for us as a people?

7.What does the fact: Jesus being acquainted with Injustice do for you?

8. Knowing that we as a people are in the story: What does it do for your own story?

9.Simon  dealt with his negative situation: what can we learn from it?

10. How are you passing on our proud heritage?

11.Authentic faith can turn a negative situation into a positive
experience: Is this true?

12.Can you suffer for something
worthwhile? Does authentic faith help you do so?