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Fire side Chat

Fire side Chat

Submitted by Pastor on 20 May 2023

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Sermon Title: “Midnight Praise Party of Faith”

Scripture: Acts 16: 19-34



1.     Have you ever longed for a life free from Trouble? Why as believers is this not so?


2.     Why is unsolicited praise from the demonic unacceptable for believers?


3.     Have you pronounced " In the name of Jesus" over a situation and

have God do the miraculous?


4.     Why is the  theology of no trouble, pain or difficulty not a sign of

the work of the Holy Spirit in our life? Faulty Theology can mess you



5.     Why is "clear sailing" in your life not a sign of God’s favor?


6.     Does having a God bigger than the circumstances in life change your

perspective in the time of trouble?


7.     Why is second hand faith not reliable in times of difficulty?


8.     Why is it impossible to please God without Faith?


9.     Why should we expect "warfare" if we are trying to live holy?


10.  Do you know what time it is?


11.  What does Prayer & Praise do for your Faith?