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Submitted by Pastor on 19 June 2024

Year of Authentic Faith & Highest Praise
Sermon Title: “Come Out, Come Out Wherever You Are”

Sermon Text:  Mark 5:1-9
1. What do you do when you get pass\out of one situation and you are
faced with another ?
2. What does it mean to be bound in places of darkness?
3. Do you agree with the statement: it is not so much what or where
you are, but how long you plan to stay there?
4. What does it mean to be bound that you are blocked from your
5. Can just coming out from your tomb[s] is an act of Authentic
Faith?...Do you believe Highest Praise awaits you?
6. Little prayer, little power, Much prayer, much power! Have you found
this to be true?
7. What are some dead places in your life that you need to come out
8. Can you exercise faith without ever saying a word?
9. What does the Holy Spirit do in your life when the evil
spirit[s]torments your soul?
10. What does it mean to name what you are up against in your life?
11. What does it mean to Keep bringing a person to Jesus?