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Fire side Chat

Fire Side Chat

Submitted by Pastor on 28 June 2024


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July Bereavement Deacons


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Year of Authentic Faith & Highest Praise


Sermon Title: Ships that Never Sailed

Sermon Text:  1 Kings 22: 41-50



  1. What did it take for Your ship to sail?
  2. Now that you have left port, how do you plan to sail to your destiny?
  3. Do you agree: Prayers that replace responsibility ought Not to be prayed?
  4. What responsibility do we have to ensure our [young people’s] ships sail?
  5. King Jehoshaphat only went half way in reforms, did that have any bearing on the ships not sailing?
  6. One always sails better when there is something in the hull... What's in your hull?
  7. Now that you have left port, made it out to sea... Do you have the right Captain at the helm?
  8. What are the internal, external, structural and personal challenges you overcame to set sail?
  9. Now that you are sailing, be careful of pirates along the way!
  10. Has sabotage been real on your journey?
  11. Is your tabernacle or mast, correct?
  12. Because you have seen storms already, what does that do for the upcoming storms that will come your way?
  13. Who makes up your crew and is it the right crew to go on the next leg of your sailing journey?
  14. Shipwrecks happen, do you know who is on the salvage ship? 
  15. Do you have a testimony of being a damaged ship, but being redeemed?