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Fire Side Chat Nov 12, 2023

Submitted by Pastor on 10 November 2023

















  Sermon Title: "Prescription for Stressful times:

                              Won't let Nothing take Me Out"


   Scripture:  Philippians 4: 6-13



1. What is stress and what can cause it?

2.What does prayer, petition, and thanksgiving  have to do with being anxious?

3.Why is "refusing to worry" harder said than done?

4.Worry is unreasonable, irrational , unnatural, unnecessary , and illogical, but why do we still do it?

5.What does total Praise have to do with anything ?

6.This week can you tell yourself when worry strikes: Just Drop It?"

7. Can we do it:  Thank God in Everything?

8.Can you do ALL 
THINGS In Christ who Strengthens YOU?