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Fire side Chat with Rev Keyes

Submitted by Pastor on 22 July 2022

GFCC      Service for July 24, 2022                     Rev. Richard Keyes


Text: II Timothy 2:1-7   The apostle Paul continued the disciple-making that Jesus had begun. Timothy may have been the person that he spent more time with than any other. This second letter was Paul’s last word, knowing that his death was near.


Title of Sermon: “What can we learn about discipleship from a soldier, an athlete and a farmer?”



1.)  What does it mean to you to “…be strong in the grace that is in Christ Jesus”?

2.)  What are attributes of discipleship that are shared by the soldier, the athlete and the farmer?

3.) What are attributes which make them different?

4.) Are there also temptations and dangers that you can think of for yourself as you think about trying to follow Paul’s advice to Timothy?

5.) Is there one thing that you think is most important for you to learn about this passage?