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Fireside Chat

Fireside Chat

Submitted by Pastor on 26 May 2023

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Sermon Title: “Faith Below the Waterline”

Scripture: Matthew 14:22-36



1.     Have you spent time below the waterline? How did you handle the time?


2.     Has God ever made you get out of the boat?  In doing so was it good for you?


3.     Is it true? : Even saints get caught up in storms?


4.     Is your prayer below the water line different from your prayer when
you are walking on water? Why?


5.     When you step out  in Faith and walk on water what does this action

do for your faith?

6.     Has Jesus ever called you to walk on water?  What did you do in

response to the invitation?


7.     How much faith must you have to get out of the boat?


8.     What does faith that emerges from the waterline look like?


9.     Do you know when your faith is failing?


10.  When have you seen God's favor show up in your life?


11.  Is there any efficacy from a water logged faith?


Has God ever met you at the point where your faith failed you