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Fireside Chat

Fireside Chat God Favors Me

Submitted by Pastor on 2 June 2023

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Sermon Title: “God Favors Me”

Scripture: Job 1-2:10 & 19:25



  1. What do you plan to do until God Answers your prayers?


  1. How do you reconcile the favor of God in your life and the trouble

Does that also come?


  1. How or why do you give Majestic Praise to God when others are

blessed and offer No praise?


  1. Have you found God to be a sustainer in your life when He has not

been a deliverer?


  1. Can God trust you when Satan   raises his ugly head, and things go

wrong in your life?

  1. Is it an honor to be chosen by God to endure suffering?


  1. Are you a JOB Saint?


  1. Can you say: What I received from God was not punishment but preparation?


  1. Have you seen God give you strength when you have been weak?


  1. What is your working definition of “God’s Favor?


  1. Has God shown himself to be a" Kinsmen Redeemer" in your life?