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Fire side chat with the pastor

Fireside Chat with the Pastor

Submitted by Pastor on 4 June 2022

J. Anthony Lloyd <>

Tue, May 31, 4:01 PM (4 days ago)


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to Brenda, me

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Text: Exodus 17: 1-13


 Title: Showdown At Rephidim: I've Got You Covered"


1.How do you respond to the statement: People are desperate for help that Intercessory prayer can provide?


2.Moses was an intercessor on behalf of his people.. What does it take for each of us to do the same?


3. When you intercede or pray for others you must be ready for God to use You! Are you ready?


4.Have you heard God ask you: what is in your hand?  Have you reflected and responded to him?


5.We are given gifts according to the measure of God's grace..  What gifts do you have? Have you brought them to the table?


6.How do you respond: In the economy of God our usefulness is not measured by our characteristics or capacity for gifts , but by our willingness to use those gifts ?



7.How do you respond to; each of us is a unique, unrepeatable miracle of God?


8.Do you know why the "Caged bird sings"?


9.How do you respond: The threshold of our faith is at the point where the thirsty soul  stands squarely in front  of a helpless baron rock? 


10.How do you respond: God has  not promised to give me what I want, but he has promised to satisfy me abundantly? 


11. Have you had your season of : Testing & Striving?


12. Have you found the "resting place of god " for your life?


13. What does it mean : God has  your back?


14.  What does it mean to have somebody's back through prayer ?


15. Showdown at Rephidim is won in prayer: God says: I got YOU!  What does that do for your faith?