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The pastor of GFCC talks about the sermon: Ebenezer.. And I don't mean Scrooge

Fireside Chat with the Pastor Ebenezer.. And I don't mean Scrooge

Submitted by Pastor on 2 May 2022


J. Anthony Lloyd <>

Sat, Apr 30, 2:51 PM (2 days ago)



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Title:  "Ebenezer and I don't Mean Scrooge"

 Text:  1 Samuel 7:12-13



1. What does it mean to have an "Ebenezer " in your life


2. Ebenezer means: God has helped Me....Any Ebenezers in your life?


3. Why is it important to stop and remember What God has done for you?


4. Worship and Communion are set aside for us to : Do this in remembrance of Me"...How can this affect how you run this race of life?


5.Samuel made an altar  sacrificed to the Lord and placed a "stone of help" to remind folk that God had been faithful...why is this so important?


6.What does Ebenezer say about your "past  as well as your " future" ?


7.When we know that evil is not permanent . What does that do for your faith?


8. What is the significance of Israel's past defeat because of disobedience  as also becoming a new place of Victory and deliverance? Ebenezer gets a new meaning because of God's activity on our behalf?


9.Has God helped you as he did Israel? If He has      have you  made or marked  a point in your life as Ebenezer. God has helped you? 


Rev. Dr. J. Anthony Lloyd


Greater Framingham Community Church