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Is God Fair?

Fireside Chat with the Pastor June 12th 2022

Submitted by Pastor on 10 June 2022

J. Anthony Lloyd <>

Tue, Jun 7, 12:41 PM (3 days ago)


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Title: " God, I Have A Bone to Pick with You "


Text: Deuteronomy  34: 1-4


1.Have you ever been mad at God? Did you tell him?


2. Do you think  God was unfair not to let  Moses go into the promised land?   


3,How do you handle the verse Galatians 6:9.. reap a harvest if you don't give up"


4.Do you ever feel as if God has just been unfair to you when you have been faithful?


5.What do you do with the feelings: God does not answer your prayers, etc ?


6.Does God have to be fair to us to be the great god we believe him to be?


7.Does God disqualify us because we make mistakes?


8.How does it make you feel if you can see and almost taste the blessings God has for you . but you can't possess the blessings? 


9.Do we have any guarantees  from God that he won't use us up and throw us away at the end of our journey?


10.What evidences do you have in your life that God is not just using you and your service?


11. What do you make of God's answer over the years  of honoring Moses' service to God?


12.Should God had allowed Moses to go into the promised land a land he worked so hard to lead Israel to? 


13.was their any justice in Moses being buried in an unmarked grave on the mountain as opposed to getting to go into the promised land?


14.What do you do with the Mt of Transfiguration in which Moses was present?


15. If you had to choose would you pick the Promised land over eternity with God?