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Fireside chat with the Pastor

Fireside chat with the Pastor May 15, 2022

Submitted by Pastor on 13 May 2022

J. Anthony Lloyd <>

9:07 AM (0 minutes ago)


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to Brenda, me

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Text: Numbers 6:22-27


Title: "Don't Leave Before The Benediction "



1.What keeps you from believing: " God is always there in our life seeking to Bless us?"



2.Have you seen this to be true in your life: " God's grace sees us where we are , and nods in our favor?"


3. What does it mean to have God's stamp of approval on your life?


4. Can you enjoy life when all you know is the personal pain of your situation?


5.Can you push through your pain and fear and fellowship with the saints?


6.Have you seen God chase you down even when you have turned your back on him?


7.Why is it that we want the blessings from God, we want to worship God , but not sacrifice for god?


8.Knowing that it is God's desire to bless you .. What does that do for how you live your life?


9.Have you seen God cultivate your character during this Covid season? how?


10.You are to bear the name of god and he will bless you... Is this true for your life?


11.What does the promise of god: to bless you and keep you Do for your approach to the trials of life?


12.The Promise: The Lord Bless YOU,keep YOU,face shine on YOU,and be gracious to YOU...What does this look like in your life?