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Fire side chat Discussion!

Fireside Chat with the Pastor, May 8, 2022

Submitted by Pastor on 6 May 2022

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 Title: "With a family like this, Who Needs Enemies"


Text: 1 Samuel 18:17-21, 19: 8-17, 2 Samuel 6: 18-23



1.How is Michal's story like so many other Women's\ mother's stories?


2.As you celebrate Mother's Day can you look back on your Mother and do so uncensored? Why is that so hard to do?


3.Can you look at the broken places of your life and see glimpses of God's grace & mercy?


4.Was your mother a phenomenal blessing from the lord in your life? Why or why not?


5.What does it mean: You marry your spouse, you also marry their family?


6.What does true repentance in family relationships  look like?


7.Can you love someone and still not accept their behavior? yes or no!


8.What does it mean to try to get quick forgiveness and short circuit renewal in relationships?


9. What does it mean to you: It takes a healthy person to love themself and love others..? Was your mother healthy?


10.How is love blind?


11.What does it mean to you : Relationships and marriage is a journey of love, trusting in God's grace?


12.Michal never got real love from her daddy or her husband , David.   What does that say about her decisions and actions?


13.Was Michal a pawn in the sinful storyline of her daddy and her husband?   Did she ever break the story line?


14.On this mother's day: "What does it mean to say: It is A grace Thing!"


15. What does it mean tpo give love but never received it in return?


16.Was your mother a " woman of courage'' as Michal was? how?


17. Have you seen love turn to hatred? 


18. Michal is a Hebrew name from the contraction of " Michael'' which means: Who is like God. What does that do for your view of Michal in our story?