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Discipleship sermon series

Order Of worship, Sunday July 31, 2022 10:00 AM

Submitted by Pastor on 30 July 2022


Greater Framingham Community Church

An Extended Christian Family


New Church Theme:

Year of Diamond/Golden Jubilee: Blessed to be a Blessing”


Worship Service




July 31, 2022…Worship Service…10:00 A.M.


Prelude…Minister of Music & Worship Team



We Worship Through PraiseDavid Coleman


Praise Choruses…Worship Team


Woke Up This Morning

Jesus Is Real

Blessed Assurance


We Worship Through the Word


Scripture1 Chronicles 17: 16-27Deacon Ruby Bishop


We Worship Through the Preached Word


Praise Chorus…Thank You Lord…Worship Team


Sermon… Rev. Dr. J. Anthony Lloyd


We Worship Through Prayer     

Invitation to Christian Discipleship…Silver and Gold…Worship Team


We Worship In Response to Hearing the Word    


Tithes & Offerings


Recognition of Baptism and Right Hand of Fellowship


Praise…More Than Anything…Worship Team


Benediction…Rev. Dr. J. Anthony Lloyd







Woke up this morning with my mind stayed on Jesus 

Woke up this morning with my mind stayed on Jesus 

Woke up this morning with my mind stayed on Jesus 

Hallelu, hallelu, Hallelujah 


Singing and praying with mymind… 


I’m walking and talking with my mind… 






Jesus is real!  I know the Lord is real to me! 

Jesus is real!  I know the Lord is real to me! 


Sometimes I’m feeling low, nowhere to go 

Jesus comes along and He makes me strong 

For I know, Oh Jesus is real! 


Repeat Chorus 


Sometimes when I’m feeling down, no one around 

Jesus is a friend 

For I know, Oh Jesus is real! 


I can feel Him in my hands, feel Him in my feet 

I know the Lord will take good care of me 

For I know, Oh Jesus is real! 


I can feel Him in my heart, feel Him in my soul 

I can even feel Him from the crown of head to my toes. 

For I know, Oh Jesus is real! 



Real!  Real!  Real!  Yes He’s real. 

I know He is.  I know He is.  I know He is.  Yes He’s real. 

Yeah!  Yeah!  Yeah!  Yes He’s real. 

I know He is.  I know He is.  I know He is.  


For I know, Oh  

For I know, Oh  

For I know, Oh Jesus is real! 






Blessed assurance, Jesus is mine!
Oh, what a foretaste of glory divine!
Heir of salvation, purchase of God,
born of his Spirit, washed in his blood.


This is my story, this is my song,
praising my Savior all the day long.
This is my story, this is my song,
praising my Savior all the day long.


Perfect submission, perfect delight,
visions of rapture now burst on my sight.
Angels descending bring from above
echoes of mercy, whispers of love.


Perfect submission, all is at rest.
I in my Savior am happy and bless’d,
watching and waiting, looking above,
filled with his goodness, lost in his love.








Tragedies are common place
All kinds of diseases, people are slipping away
Economics down, people can't get enough pay
But as for me all I can say is
Thank you Lord for all you've done for me

Folks without homes living out in the streets

and the drug habit some say, they just can't beat
Muggers and robbers, no place seems to be safe
But You've been my protection every step of the way and I want to say
Thank you Lord for all You've done for me

(It could have been me) thank you
(Outdoors) thank you
(With no food) thank you
(And no clothes) thank you
(Or left alone) thank you
(Without a friend) thank you
(Or just another tragic number) thank you
(With a tragic end) thank you
(But you didn't see fit) thank you
(To let none of the things be) thank you
(Cause everyday by your power) thank you
(Your keep on keeping me) thank you
(And I want to say) thank you

I wanna to say thank you for love
Thank you for your power
Thank you for your protection
Every hour





Silver and gold, silver and gold

I'd rather have Jesus than silver and gold

No fame or fortune, no riches untold

I'd rather have Jesus than silver and gold


Don't give me a mansion on top of a hill

Don't give me the world with its shallow thrills

But just give me a savior, my life He can hold

I'd rather have Jesus than silver and gold


Woke up this morning feeling kind of down

I called on my best friend, she could not be found

But I called on Jesus, my life He can hold

I'd rather have Jesus than silver and gold





I lift my hands in total adoration unto You 

You reign on the throne ‘cause You are God and God alone 

Because of You my cloudy days are gone 

I can sing to You this song 

I just want to say that I love You more than anything 


Love me in Your arms 

You were my shelter from the storm 

When all my friends were gone 

You were right there all along 

I’ve never known a love like this before 

I just want to say that I love You more than anything 


I love You Jesus 

I worship and adore You 

Just want to tell You 

Lord I love You more than anything  






Please keep Benjamin, Bonnie and Mykaela Bell in your prayers with the passing of Benjamin’s father, Benjamin Bell Sr.  Cards can be sent to Benjamin and Bonnie at 176 Rebecca Drive, Thomasville, NC 27360, and to Mykaela at 106 Broad St., Apt. 32, Weymouth, MA 02188.


Please keep Rev. Courtney, Deacon Marguerite, David and Ashley Lackard in prayers with the passing of Deacon Marguerite’s aunt, Daphne Williams.  Cards can be sent to 9 Montgomery Drive, Framingham, MA  01701.



GFCC  50/30 Celebration

Volunteers Needed


If you are interested in volunteering complete the form from the link below:




Thank You to all the Volunteers that came out Friday to help us stuff food for our Grocery Bag program to feed families in the community. The next packing session will be on Friday,  August 5th at 1:30pm and help to distribute on Saturday, August 6th  at 9 am at GFCC.  Please reach out to the Central Office, 508-626-2118 or call Linda James 508-788-0611. We will be feeding 75 families every other Friday so we are in need of volunteers for an hour and half on each of these Fridays.




GFCC 26th Annual Golf Classic - GFCC Scholarship


SAVE THE DATE…Friday, August 19, 2022


Stow Acres Country Club

18 Holes

Golf Cart

Continental Breakfast



Providing Scholarship to Deserving Students





Baptism and Right Hand of Fellowship


Join us in Welcoming our New Church Member - Jaronn Sales




Anointed Dance Ministry

"Dance Ministry will begin rehearsals September 10th, 2022 at the church from 3-6pm. Please contact our leader, Kaylah Joseph, at (jkaylah78@gmail.comor (978-333-0301)  if you're interested. Ages welcome from [8] years of age and older."









September 6th – Primary


November 8th – State Election





Help GFCC Celebrate


Share your testimonial of GFCC's impact on your life


To the members of Greater Framingham Community Church,


This year, GFCC is celebrating its 30th/50th anniversary. Since its inception, the church has served the Metro West and the world for 50 years, and has had the wonderful pastoral leadership of Reverend Dr. J. Anthony Lloyd for 30 years. Please join us in celebrating this milestone by sending in a short video message of yourself describing what GFCC means to you. Your clip will be compiled into a gratitude video which will air on September 17th as part of GFCC Anniversary Luncheon. 


Instructions for video upload:


●       Length should be no more than 30 seconds

●       Begin with brief self-introduction (Name, ministry, years attending GFCC)

●       Save and upload file name as your first and last name (ex: amana_hill)

●       Allow video to roll for a few seconds before you start speaking

●       Please read through additional recording tips attached below


Please upload your clips through this dropbox link:


Please feel free to share this link with anyone you think might like to share.



 Greater Framingham Community Church

Diamond \Golden Jubilee Luncheon


 Celebrating 50 years a Church and 30 years of Pastoral Leadership

 of Rev Dr J Anthony Lloyd



Saturday September 17, 2022    12:00 Noon


The Warren Conference Center & Inn

529 Chestnut Street, Ashland MA 01721


Open\Outdoor patio seating

Attire: Sunday Best


Keynote Speaker: Rev. Dr. Emmett G. Price III, Ph.D.,The Inaugural Dean of 

Africana Studies, Berklee College of Music


Music\luncheon buffet meal \surprises\art presentation'


Tickets: $35 for Adults and Children\Youth $15



To purchase tickets: Go to for more information call 508-626-2118



Baby Congratulations:


Congratulations to Mom & Dad, Aisha Mondley Bates, and grandparents Deacon Althea & Keith Mondley on the arrival of Savannah Camille Bates on Thursday July 29th.  Everyone is doing great!




The “After Chat with the Pastor" why not blog on-line with the Pastor about Sunday's sermons.  Go to the church website or Facebook and begin the chat!




Summer Sermon Series : Discipleship



A “disciple” is a kind of student. It is someone who follows the teaching of, learns from and models their life after someone else — in our case, Jesus Christ Himself.

The people whom Jesus gave these essential instructions to had a pretty good understanding of what it meant to be His disciples. They had left everything to follow Him, and for three years they soaked up His instruction, experiencing incredible highs and lows as they discovered what it meant to follow their Lord.

When Jesus told His disciples to go and make disciples of all nations, they wouldn’t have seen this as a casual assignment to squeeze between other interests. This would need to become their primary focus. This must be ours as well because God gave us this assignment in the Great commission [Matthew 28": 16-20]

Join us each Sunday as we take a journey from scripture down the path of Discipleship. 



TITLE:  "Who Touched Me: Daring Faith in times of crisis"







1.As a Disciple of Christ what does it mean to be discerning about the crowd[s] we hang with?


2.Why is associating with the wrong crowd bad for your discipleship health? 


3.What is the connection between discipleship and " Trying to do the right thing?"


4.What do you do when it is God who asks you the question as in our text: who touched me ?


5.Why is it so important for us in our discipleship to tell someone what you have heard and what you know about Jesus?


6. Being able to say: "What Jesus means to me " is a measure of maturity of discipleship: Do you agree or disagree?


7.Discipleship involves "making disciples".  Are you engaged in this, why or why not?


8.Do you know where your limitation[s] ends and God's strength begins in your life?  What does this have to do with discipleship?


9.Why is the point of suffering in our life also the point of God's grace operating performing miracles so important to our growth in Christ?


10.Any idea as to what was in or behind the woman's touch of Jesus that made stop to ask the question?


11.What does it mean to "push through" to your blessing?


12.What has been your experience with "daring faith” to touch God touch the hem of his garment?  What did it do for you?


13.Why is "daring faith" so crucial to maturity of faith in the discipleship journey?


14.Why is it so hard to reach out to God.?. what prevents folk from doing it?


15.It is not a physical touch, but a "faith touch" that God responds how do you bring that to God?








We invite you to join us for Early Morning Prayer with the Pastor,

 at 8 a.m. on Monday Mornings. Here is the Prayer Line Number:

1-605-313-4818   and the Access Code: 702588#





We invite you to join our Wednesday Night Prayer Meeting and Bible Study.  The Prayer Meeting is from 7-7:30pm.  Here is the Prayer Line Number: 1-605-313-4818   and the Access Code: 702588#.

Also Join us for Bible Study at 7:30 pm on Zoom!  We will study from the Book First Samuel.  Join Zoom Meeting:




If you would like to be a part of a Morning Prayer group you can do so by dialing in to pray or request prayer. The line opens at 5:30am to 7:15am.  The number to get on the GFCC Thursday Morning Prayer line is 605-313-4818 Extension 702588#. 




 New Topic of study is First Corinthians. 


We continue to meet on Thursday evenings for one hour at 7:00 PM. To refresh the platform information, we are using Google Meets and utilizing the phone connection. The video conferencing is available.  The phone information is 956-410-2734   PIN: 320 644 462#.